Triest gedenkt seiner österreich-ungarischen Gefallenen am 10. November 2019

Am Sonntag den 10. November 2019, um 11 Uhr, wird auf dem österreichisch-ungarischen Soldaten-Friedhof zu Prosek-Prosecco im triestinischen Karst, die traditionelle, öffentliche Gedächtnisfeier der österreich-ungarischen Gefallenen und der Soldaten (Armee, Landwehr, Honvéd, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe) von Triest, vom Küstenland und von den Brüdervölkern im Weltkrieg 1914-18 stattfinden….. (weiter lesen)

Trieste commemorates its Austro-Hungarian fallen on 10 November 2019

On Sunday, 10 November 2019, at 11AM, in the Austro-Hungarian military cemetery of Prosek-Prosecco, on the Karst plateau of Trieste, takes place the traditional public commemoration of the Fallen and of the Soldiers of Austria-Hungary (army, navy, aviation) of Trieste, of the Littoral and of all brother folks involved in the 1914-18 World War……..(Read here)

Trieste: the Goldberger’s kosher Restaurant

Siehe Link „La Voce di Trieste“

Trieste: the Goldberger’s kosher Restaurant 


Memory is the base of identity, which is decisive for out individual and social behaviors. This means, the need to preserve or restore memory is even greater where ideological violence have distorted and substituted it with an artificial system of removals, disinformations, and propagandas: Trieste: the Goldberger’s kosher Restaurant weiterlesen

Vienna: the Börsen-Kurier about Trieste’s legal action on taxation VS the Italian Government

Since six month, the Italian political system is forcing its media to stay completely silent about a legal action on taxation versus the Italian Government, opened by the International Provisional Representative of the Free Territory of Trieste with the support of the Free Trieste Movement and of hundreds of citizens and enterprises   Vienna: the Börsen-Kurier about Trieste’s legal action on taxation VS the Italian Government weiterlesen